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November 2015

Operation : Business Bootcamp

If someone threw an opportunity at you to change your life….

Would you take it?
Would you run with it?

Last week…. over 21 thousand people viewed this post…. and it revealed something deep.


REAL people want REAL guidance…
They wany REAL financial freedom.
But don’t know how to make the jump.

Well, don’t feel bad… I’m no different. The 9 to 5 paid the bills… but it wasn’t generating wealth, nor did I have much for charity or vacations with my kids.

I, like you, have a choice though… remain the same and expect different results (which is insane)… Or change your game plan AND JUMP into something different!



Honey.. I’m going head first…. 😆 along with several new mentees  I found fielding through massive inquiries. Over the next year, we are about to be like soldiers, getting groomed for the marketplace. We’ll learn how our current skills vertically align with our new buisness. We’re gonna soak up knowledge from fantastically successful titans of industry…. and together, we’ll share relevant, valuable tricks, tips and tools to help our business grow as we all start together at square ONE.

It’s gonna be a fantastic year, filled with inspiration, hard work and valuable lessons. The entire journey will be featured on this blog… the good, the bad and the ugly.

Call it reality blogging.😎 And don’t miss a single episode. I’m introducing the starring cast up next!

If you want info on how to join our boot camp 👊👐👍 Post your email addy in the comment section 🆗🆒✔

💞Shon’s Favorite Things💞

We are just days away from the biggest holiday shopping event 🎄of the year 🎀and I decided why not share my favorite things? 🎁

Thanksgiving, for some retailers will mark the start of Black Friday… but family time is sacred… so the party ain’t and on and poppin’ for me until Midnight, November 27, 2015. 😜

So let’s get started!

Better get some coconut oil!

MY ABSOLUTE 💞 FAVORITE 💞 thing is the least expensive and most effective for dropping those el-bee’s! 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in your coffee… 1st thing in the morning… kills sugar cravings and curbs appetite. I dare you to try it, starting today! Then on Thanksgiving Day, post your plate selfie on my twitter feed @ShonGables.

Trust me: It’s bulletproof!

Bet they’ll be leftovers this year! 😆 And while everyone else is making New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight… you’re already dropping. Secret here… you must do this everyday. Skip a day, appetite goes into 🐲 beast mode 🐲. 😨


Excelr8 Running Club


My favorite: Excelr8 Running Club!

I am an advocate of shopping small business. It has its advantages: keeps dollars circulating in your local community, provides job opportunities for local residents, customer service is generally better plus it encourages entrepreneurship – which is truly the key to generating wealth versus just paying off your car note.



You get all of that in this running club plus joining literally changed the way I viewed running. Make it fun! Get accountability partners! And train! But runs are free… training will cost you. Thankfully  the owner trains virtually.

Here’s the link:




I’m a foodie… and anything that makes something taste fattening with a healthy substitute gets all the 💓💓 love 💓💓. I swear it transforms boring zucchini into spaghetti pasta and no one can tell the difference!! So instead of a 700 calorie serving of wheat noodles… I get a whopping plate of seconds and still 75 percent less calories. It is quite frankly a miracle… I got mine at Williams-Sonoma for 39 bucks!  On sale at Amazon though.💲💰💸


Now my last pick… hits close to home. If you’ve been following my blog… you already know my #90Day #Hair Challenge is  💥 EPIC!! 💫

Saved the best for last!!!

It is growing my hair FAST 💨 Thicker 👍 and LONGER 💇. Don’t believe me… keep following this blog. The diehards are already on it (you can catch up later). 😜  I’ll be posting our journey!!

But if you want in…

SHONS BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL!- Starts at midnight, Friday the 27th of November! I am selling hair, skin and nails plus some other goodies at my wholesale price. But ya gotta be in it to get it. Plus I’m giving away a few surprises.

Hope to see you there!

-Shon 😘

Catch the vision

Ya’ll ready for church? Because I am about to spit some serious wisdom. It is a key principal that took an at-risk youth, who grew up on welfare


… to her dream of working as a journalist in the biggest market in this country: New York City.


That same girl, then made a series of bad mistakes – from aligning myself with the wrong people to people pleasing. It cost me everything… AND I MEAN EVERYTHING. But it is never too late to rebuild!  Mistakes can either grieve you for the rest of your life – or you can OWN IT and empower yourself to know what NOT TO DO AGAIN.

I chose empowerment… and reminded myself of how I achieved my dreams in the first place:  VISION.


Habakkuk 2:2-3 explains it best!

“And the Lord answered me, and said, write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry”.


For 7 whole years… I was in a rut. I rehearsed over and over in my head all the bad things that had happened. But what was I meditating on regarding my future? Nothing but fear… until I finally created my vision board. You know like the one below ⤵⤵⤵


Your vision board is your opportunity to BE BOLD. BE BRAVE. AND THINK BIG. Your job isn’t to figure out HOW IT’S GONNA HAPPEN… your job is to believe God is able.

You fill in the blanks!

Will God help you accomplish every goal?  Not always… but when He doesn’t, He usually sends you on a path to see why you don’t want it. Trust me everything that glitters ain’t gold.

So what are your natural gifts and talents?  What have you given up on… or never started due to lack of money, no connections, closed doors, fear, lack of ability, etc?


Go through magazines like my #FitFriends did! (we made a party out of it) If you don’t have magazines – go to google images and print every photo that exemplifies YOUR DREAM GOD GAVE YOU. No one has to believe it BUT YOU!!  Then  paste it on the chart 🔼🔼🔼 above and find a scripture that agree’s with every image… and declare God’s word over your vision  board everyday!

I even make my kids do it!


Then find yourself an accountability partner… like my 5 foot 2 mentor Jessica. 😇

Short in stature but GIGANTIC on goal digging!

Once a week, Jessica and I share ideas… then build 3 strategic ways to make the first steps happen.


Proverbs 16:9 “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps”.


She was the first one who boldly told me, “GET OVER YOURSELF AND MOVE ON”. So I did… and went back to the basics and created a new vision board. It was time to create a new path… since the ones I’ve been on – wasn’t exactly throwing out the red carpet. #LOL

One of those paths lead me to my daughter’s school. Goal:  help this teacher ↘↘ change her perception of self.

Miss Stephanie doesn’t like the lines on her eyes and face

Miss. Stephanie thought she needed botox. We proved she could be wrinkle free in less than 90 seconds without injections?  WOW! Fine lines gone! Eyes and forehead!

Before top/After bottom
Before top/After bottom

So is this my vision of hosting the TODAY show. No. But it might be my path to getting there. Showing products that actually work. If not… it might still fund my kids education. And that quite frankly is a vision worth having.

Oh yeah… and being wrinkle free 😜

Ya’ll better get some vision…. and some WOW too!

Health Over Hair!

To all my friends with silky straight or curly hair… you know the kind that doesn’t frizz up the moment you’re around moisture…

I used to think you were so lucky. Well, sometimes I still do. You get to work out.. wash your hair… and go. No one ever asking… “Did  you just come out of a wind tunnel”?

You know… like the one I  just survived after running 15 miles.


It took my  knowledgeable hairdresser about 45 minutes to press the”Lion King” straight. This look, I can tell you… is not my hubby’s favorite.

Nor this one…


after I decided to braid my hair into a protective style. Ohhh, I was so excited! The stylist swore… “I know how to do crochet braids. Pick up 8 bags of marley hair extensions”.  Every bit of it went in my head. I went home and my hubby cracked up laughing. I took it out in less than 15 mins.

Yeah, I’m a little sensitive.

But perhaps now you’ll understand why so many women of color put hair over health. Many of us won’t work out, won’t swim… or for me, jump in muddle puddles outside in the rain with my precious 5 year old – because “my hair would frizz out”.

This insane cycle went on for years… while I prayed, “God when will someone create a product to give me wash and go hair”?

Mmmm… I’m still waiting. Is my hair just misunderstood by mainstream manufacturers or its more profitable to keep me in the stone ages of “creamy crack” relaxers. It is way more profitable to kill off follicles and then create products that will fix it.

I stayed in this cycle for years! Part of my motivation was to keep that slick image of my job as a news anchor. It does look polished on TV. But while my hair was on and poppin’ – my butt was expanding and I was wearing 2 sets of spanx everyday to “LOOK” slim. To keep that look I rarely worked out… as I chanted to myself…  “My hair honey – I aint messing it up”.


Uggh… pure stupidity. Health over hair. We all do it.

But then I got fired. I forgive you dear TV Station. 💞  It definitely wasn’t for my work performance.

But the hiccup gave birth to new found freedom.

Starting with not caring what people thought of my hair.

#BigHair #DontCare took on a whole new mantra.



I’ll go in public with a doorag – and DON’T CARE.

If I want extentions… I go epic.. like Beyonce, get out my way!

Shon-Yon-Say 😜


I even got braids. Honestly, my least favorite. Felt like a an extra five pounds on my head.


I also rediscovered my passion. I love to run. I love to blog. And I love genuine friendships… not based on “Hey, are you anchoring that network show you so desperately want?” Nope… not yet. (:

So the #90Day #HairChallenge is more than just about taking vitamins (which I promote)… its also challenging women to embrace their “GOOD HAIR”. Stop letting others define what your hair is. Kinky, straight, curly, thin, thick – if you have it – It’s Good!

My dear friend Andrea is one of the first to jump on board. She removed her braids… is allowing her hair to breath… and she is ready to grow this wicked mane…



into a bad @*# fro. Who cares that the wind can’t blow through it. Maybe God created it to block it – so you don’t get a speck thrown into your eye.

She also wants it healthy so she can straighten it… and get her vogue on. This is the kinda “Good Hair” that is multi-dimensional, textured and the envy of women who want healthy, strong, beautiful hair, not based on a number 4 bundle of yaki.

These vitamins better grow my hair out to my chin… or ya’ll won’t see Shon in 90 days!!!

So join the revolution! For 90 days… take the challenge! Let’s grow it out together. Yeah, I’m promoting hair skin nourishing complex…


but if they don’t work, cancel the order. All I know it’s working for me… and  I am sharing the good news. Just in case you wanna get outta that weave or wig… and wear ya own!

Wanna erase wrinkles fast? Read this!

Today I decided to test a new eye cream. I wasn’t convinced it would work… but I kid you not – this stuff is  botox in a package!!


This here is the marketers claim.


It’s called WOW (Wipe. Out. Wrinkles) and claims to erase fine lines and wrinkles in 90 seconds. Surprisingly, they may BE RIGHT!!!

Watch the video below. I promise you, this stuff has the potential to be straight up “eye crack”! I tried it!!



“Wipe out wrinkles in 90 secs” on YouTube


A friend of mine slipped the tiny gray package into my hand, a week ago. I sat on it. Had no idea  what I was holding until my husband agreed to be my 1st test subject. So with my 5 year old hyped to test her “Barbie Spa Skills” – we started our experiment.



Max.. it took 3 minutes.

First your moisturize your eyes. Then you fold the package back and forth a few seconds. Lastly, you take a very small amount of the pink colored gel and in upward motion, wipe on the area you want to treat.



You gotta try this… in 90 seconds… before your own eyes… you can watch those wrinkles draw up and disappear.


My hubby was so impressed… we then applied it to the fine lines on his forehead. BOOM… 90 seconds they were gone. He now looks like the young whipper snapper that swept me off my feet. Let me go buy a tub of it. 😜

Friends, don’t get caught looking like a chitlin for Thanksgiving. Buy yours now. The link is below! You can thank me later. (:


(AFTER) No photoshop. He could probably use a little more moisturizer. Ha! Ha! But fine lines are gone!




#BigHair #DontCare #90DayChallenge

Sometimes seeing is believing.


And had I not known the person in this photo – I would have said “the results” were fake.

But I know they’re not. In fact, his wife is the same person who convinced me to take the same supplements he did.

And guess what? My hair started growing like weeds too!!

Wowzers…. you know how many hair zealots have been waiting for this?


The chance to restore traction alopecia?




Or just grow it out like Rapunzel?

Well, here’s your chance! Male or female!

For 90 days – we are gonna find out just how effective “It Work’s: Hair, Skin and nails is”.

We are gonna chart your journey, track growth…. or non-growth. 😨 Inspire others who have struggled to grow their tresses… and make a believer out of the skeptics.

Along the way we’ll have giveaways, share our secrets, misfires and the pro’s and con’s of It Works’s hair, skin and nails.

Wanna join?

Jan Cooley Harbert is in. She wants 2 inches and thickness.


Brenda Rogers wants #BigHair #DontCare

B Rogers 102915


And Kim Henderson-Gant is retiring the scissors. She wants her length back… and fast!!



They don’t want any talk… just action.
#BigHair #DontCare for 33 bucks a month.

#ThankMeLater ☺






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