If someone threw an opportunity at you to change your life….

Would you take it?
Would you run with it?

Last week…. over 21 thousand people viewed this post…. and it revealed something deep.


REAL people want REAL guidance…
They wany REAL financial freedom.
But don’t know how to make the jump.

Well, don’t feel bad… I’m no different. The 9 to 5 paid the bills… but it wasn’t generating wealth, nor did I have much for charity or vacations with my kids.

I, like you, have a choice though… remain the same and expect different results (which is insane)… Or change your game plan AND JUMP into something different!



Honey.. I’m going head first…. 😆 along with several new mentees  I found fielding through massive inquiries. Over the next year, we are about to be like soldiers, getting groomed for the marketplace. We’ll learn how our current skills vertically align with our new buisness. We’re gonna soak up knowledge from fantastically successful titans of industry…. and together, we’ll share relevant, valuable tricks, tips and tools to help our business grow as we all start together at square ONE.

It’s gonna be a fantastic year, filled with inspiration, hard work and valuable lessons. The entire journey will be featured on this blog… the good, the bad and the ugly.

Call it reality blogging.😎 And don’t miss a single episode. I’m introducing the starring cast up next!

If you want info on how to join our boot camp 👊👐👍 Post your email addy in the comment section 🆗🆒✔