Business Boot camp has begun… and the team is assembled.

And as promised… I will be blogging the good, the bad and the ugly…

So let’s start with the ugly. 😣

The workload is time intensive. No one has done everything required in week one – including me! And outside of getting our tax ID paperwork completed… we are still watching training academy videos… duplicating business strategies that work… and identifying warm and cold markets.


Perfect example…. my 1st 5 days were a beast… working from 7am til 12 midnight. But I’m not gonna lie… I have had crazy success in vertical markets… and this is no different. If I am not willing to invest in my own success, why would anyone want me to mentor them to find theirs? So I am on mission.

Bottom line… Only 2% of all female buisness owners generate a million in revenue! Will we be among those 2 percenters? I don’t know. But somebody’s got to do it… and as the old adage goes…. “Despise not the day of small beginnings.” Who knows what this will give birth to!


So this is where the good comes in… 😆

My team is full of hungry, eager, newborn entrepreneurs. Absolutely everyone got the stinky eye from critics and loved ones when we said, “We’re joining ItWorks as our founding business”.  Even Forbes magazine recognizes the potential in multi-level marketing!

Plus, if you can’t build a business that gives you a duplicatable business plan -that has earned thousands of small buisness owners an extra $500 to $35 thousand a month – you certainly will struggle building a brand no one has ever heard of. Our goal: learn the basics, build and stay with ItWorks, or use the profit earned to launch out  DEBT FREE! Another option: have fun and get some extra spending money. Stephanie Doss sure did!!


So here’s my team!


Stephanie… is a college degreed newlywed, working mom and avid runner. She joined the bootcamp to eradicate debt. She can only invest a few hours in building her brand. But she has come out the gate smoking. In less than a week she earned her first bonus. Not bad for someone who said…”I don’t know about this, but why not? Staying on the same path is leading me nowhere”.


Alis… is our firecracker. Her mode of operation is highly unique. She identifies with millennials and plans to grow her buisness through viral videos. I am gonna be honest, as her mentor, I might be learning more from her. She pushes the envelope for me in uncomfortable ways. But in one week, she’s already recruited a distributor to join her growing team. There’s no doubt about it, she’ll reach a market I probably could never reach. She prefers to call herself “The Wrap Queen” 😆

Jackie (left) Karen (right)

Then there’s Jackie and Karen, highly successful entrepreneurs who already saw how a credible health and wellness brand could expand their market reach. Both know firsthand, the multi-billion dollar hair care industry for women of color… suffers from products that don’t work. But have you tried hair, skin and nails? It’s the secret weapon for growing hair longer, stronger and fuller! When they saw how it worked, they jumped on board!

Alicia (left) Krista (right)

Our remaining teamates: Alicia and Krista… admit they are playing catch-up. Not because they are not committed and driven; but with full-time jobs, families and school – time management is going to play a huge role in their success. But I have full confidence they are gonna be rock-stars!

And remember, my job as mentor is to keep us all focused… refuse to let anyone fall behind… and uncover the GOAL-DIGGER in all of us.


So if you’re reading this… and you’re slightly intrigued…. don’t follow this blog on the sidelines…  #JoinUs or #WatchUs ☺

I’ll read your comments and hit you up, in case you want me to!