Pure Awesomeness 💞


It’s not fair that you let Noah get away with this or that! Why is Olivia always in charge? How come EmilyGrace is having another snack when you told me I couldn’t have any more. The comparison is escalating in my household even with the two year old. And so it begins. That green grass on the other side.image

I am pretty comfortable in my own skin but human enough to fight the urge to resist the trap-comparison trap. Deny it all you want but it happens to the best of us.😱

There are two sides to the trap. One side is when you are the “worse off” in the comparison. This usually leaves the woe is me attitude! “Why do they have so much time to have fun?” “I wish My kids will do that.” How come she gets to……

And the other side of the trap is when…

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