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Kanye’s Sunday Service Experience

Kanye’s Sunday Service Experience.
I watched Kanye’s concert, livestreamed from Houston’s Lakewood Church. It had everything most of us have experienced attending Church in communities of color.
The choir had harmony’s as tight as my jeans on Thanksgiving night. The praise so electric, it elicited tears,  joy and even goosebumps.  Let’s face it, Black choirs are legendary for stirring up “the Spirit”.
We lit🔥🔥
Kanye’s Sunday Service Experience was no different. I was all in… and still am.


Oh, I loved the cute shots of Kanye performing with his kids, but I was a bit perplexed by images of Kanye needing his cellphone to rap his  gospel lyrics (**note he did not need it for Jesus Walks).
Some say Kanye is a fake.
But that alter call in the middle of the experience WAS REAL.

The choir director was calling folks to surrender to Jesus: the Savior born by a virgin, lived a perfect life, was crucified for our sins, and rose in three days and is still alive.


Kanye’s Sunday Service Experience is a true church CHOIR experience. I grew up in powerfully annoited churches – and Kanye’s choir got it 💯.
But that alter call was ministry!
I encourage anyone interested in experiencing the experience. VET IT!! Screaming or singing Jesus don’t make anyone Christian. But it does give you a SUNDAY EXPERIENCE.
If you want more… join a church. Get disciplined. Study. Learn. Make mistakes. Learn grace. No one is perfect, but we serve a God who is.
Thanks Kanye for the entertainment.
I hope this path leads you to a deeper revelation of Christ. We all have to start somewhere.

Find your way back!

I am scheduled to run the Dallas full marathon in December. I know I’m not ready. My training cycle has been plagued with fatigue.

One of my more successful training cycles. Showdown Half in Texas.


MBA Program✔️


And dietary changes to rewire my body to burn fat for fuel versus sugar✔️

I have switched to a plant based, gluten free, GMO free and dairy free meal plan. These are lifetime changes. I allow slip ups on weekends – but the goal is to give up wheat, processed foods and sugar. Join the revolution:

Needless to say: I am at a crossroads and the real issue is – how bad do I want it?

Okay…maybe you don’t like to run. You can certainly walk! A 16 minute mile or an 8 minute mile – IS STILL A MILE

When I was young… I used to run along country roads lined with wheat stalks and corn. My mother would always asked me, “Why?”

Out of 7 kids I was the only one who ran.
Running was and is my life’s metaphor.
You want to finish?
You wanna succeed?
But what if I fail?
We all do!

My Mom and me.

Anything worth having requires stamina.
Running makes you wanna quit – so do haters.
Running pushes your limits – so does purpose.
Running makes you tired – so does doing the extra stuff (no one wants to do) to learn your craft .
Running hurts – so does mistakes.

Have you ever messed up on an EPIC level? I have! Find your way back. Own it. Try your best to make what’s wrong right. Hold yourself accountable and don’t repeat. “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten” (Joel 2:25). God restores the time!

You can find your way back!

For me:
Running makes makes me stronger.
Running makes me happy.
Running keeps me mindful I need God.
This 👏🏾Is 👏🏽Why👏🏽 I👏🏽 Run👏🏽

Heroes Half Marathon – Shreveport October 28, 2017

I will get my coveted 3:53:59.

But it won’t come from wishing. It won’t come from being unrealistic. I must train. And train hard. Soooooooo what this training cycle stunk!! Life is a marathon – not a sprint. Adapt. Pick up the pieces. Try again!

Proverbs 16:9 King James Version

“A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.”

Delays are not denials. Use this season to find your way back. That alternate route you’re on is teaching you so much more. Just don’t quit.

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